Thursday, June 20, 2013

Your Lips to God's Ear

A wish, exhaled on a sigh
floating like a feather high,
caught on the clouds and lingered.

It held firm but not patiently so,
fluttering, twisting on invisible breeze,
trapped by desire that stirred the wish
and the thought that it won't come true.

I was reminded of
moths--homely dull brown,
wanting desperately to light on light
and finding themselves denied by heat
moving restlessly, endlessly in constant flight.

Only when wishes and moths fly without fear
do you finally find
your lips to God's ear.

I think the Universe listens to us when we make wishes or dream about things we would like to happen.  It hears everything--even the unconscious, unsaid things.  That is why a lot of desires remain unfulfilled.  We want so much for things to happen that we end up not only thinking about the fulfilment of desires but also the fear of not achieving them.  We send mixed signals and in the confusion, the Universe responds accordingly with indecision.

Have you ever noticed it is the singularly focused people, the ones usually free from worry that have things work out well for them?  Part of their success of course comes from their own actions, but another part of it comes from the sincere belief that they will be successful.  When they wish, or dream, or plan they send out clear requests unmuddled by fear or worry.  They know things will work out well and do not waste energy on negative what-if scenarios.  The Universe hears them clearly, as if they were whispering the wish right into it's ear. 

By thinking of the negative consequences of not achieving what we desire, we trap our own wishes in limbo.  They move constantly and restlessly, but never gain any momentum, and never find rest in completion.  Being successful requires a person to know what he or she wants, to act accordingly, and to truly believe that all things are possible.