Saturday, May 3, 2014

Everyday Can Be Saturday

Everyday can be a Saturday.

I like reading my Facebook feed on Saturdays.  I have about three hundred friends on the social media site and while not all of them actively post, it seems more people than not write something on Saturdays. Most of the updates on Saturday have a typical theme of spending time with family and friends engaged in something relaxing and fun. People are hiking, camping, going for motorcycle rides, attending events with children, having dinner parties or going out with a group of friends. Regardless of how rough or mundane or tiring the previous week had been, almost to a person, people share optimistic, excited, and entertaining news with one another.  It's quite possibly the happiest day of the week and I like sharing in that.  Even people who use their Saturdays to catch up on household chores or running errands have a light-hearted approach, as if for twenty-four hours the potential of what one could do, takes over and all is well with the world.

Even though its still the weekend, I don't think people enjoy Sundays as much.  There are quite a few family-oriented posts on Sunday, but Monday looms ahead in a few short hours so the inherent joy of the day is somewhat tainted with the knowledge that the weekly grind is about to begin.  Unlike Sunday bordered by work, school or obligation, Saturday is time suspended.  It is an insulated bubble where work has been left behind on one end and is far enough in the future to forget about it for awhile. I think it would be amazing to maintain that feeling every day--the positive feeling of potential.  

Why do people compartmentalize their time as much as they do? Why do they imbue certain hours with certain emotions and other hours with something completely different?.  An hour on a Tuesday afternoon is the same hour on a Saturday afternoon.  It's just how we frame it in our minds.  It's how we package time and how we distribute our feelings regarding time.  Most people don't even realize they do this--really live for twenty four hours in the middle of the weekend and just function the other six days of the week.

I would love reading random, happy Monday morning posts and exuberant Thursday afternoon updates. Everyday should be treated like a Saturday.  Every hour, minute, and second has the potential to be amazing. We just need to think of it that way.  Time isn't just something to be slogged through, it's something to be embraced and enjoyed.  Just because it is expected that people hate Mondays doesn't mean that we all have to have a bad attitude about it.  It's going to happen every week anyway.  We aren't going to wake up one morning and realize that Monday has ceased to exist. What we need to do is not change the Monday we are looking at, but change how we look at it.  It's all about taking time and framing it in the best possible way. Time is an artificial construct anyway, so why not bend it to our liking, rather than bend to it? Make every day feel like a Saturday.  Feel the potential of the new day when you wake and keep the thought that every moment can be special in the forefront of your mind.  You might just surprise yourself in how much you begin to enjoy the other six days of the week. 

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